Security, Exercise class, fall 2017

Information about the lectures can be found on a different page.

The average mark of the exercises makes up 10% of your final mark, but you must also score at least a 5.0 for the final exam. Experience shows that doing the exercises is almost always necessary to successfully complete the course. Exercises may be done in (stable) pairs within the same group (see below), or also alone.

The idea behind working in pairs is not to divide the work (like: each partner does half of the assignment), but to solve the problems jointly, in discussion, so that you better understand the material. If you solve only half of the problems (or even less), you can count on it that you will not pass the final written exam (which you have to do individually).

Exception: If you do this security course for the second time, you must do the exercises alone.


Two groups

The exercise course will be split in two groups, as follows:

We've merged the two groups, and as of the second quarter, we're now in room LIN5.

If you choose to work in a pair on the exercises, your partner must be in the same group. If this is not the case with the initial split-up as described above, pick a group with space available and be consistent.

The time for both groups is the same: Friday afternoons, at 13:45.

Exercises cycle

The schedule is as follows.

The first exercise course will be on Friday Sept. 15, at 13:45.

Handing in your answers

Please submit all your assignments via Blackboard. Note that this means that all submissions have to be digital (one single pdf file); so, either type them, or, if your handwriting is readable, scan them, before submitting. Make sure that the assignment is of good image quality -- it is safest to use one of the scanners in the university buildings, and not the camera on your mobile phone. We may reject your homework if the writing cannot be read. Please note that submission is not possible after the deadline has expired!

To submit your assignment:

  1. Make sure your assignment contains your name and student number, or in case you work in a pair both of your names and student numbers, as well as the assistant's name (Bart or Joost). The assignments will be printed, so include everything in the file (and not just in the filename or Blackboard comments)!
  2. Make sure that your complete assignment is one single pdf file
  3. In Blackboard, go to Assignments and click on the appropriate assignment.
  4. Upload your submission. Please make sure you do not accidentally upload the assignment instead of your solutions (as it happened a few times in the past).
  5. Make sure that you click submit to confirm your submission
  6. Note: Do not make a submission from both of your accounts, only one will suffice. We will make sure you both receive the same grade.

After grading your results will also appear on Blackboard, but please also come to the exercises classes to take a look at your work and learn from your mistakes.

Contacting us

In principle you should use the exercise classes to ask your questions, so please plan accordingly. However, if necessary we can be reached on:

Please do not abuse these, and especially do not use them to send us late submissions.