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This page contains material of the OV chip 2.0 project that is not suited for a wiki.



Because of patent issues the public releases of the OV-chip sources are missing a number of method bodies. These omissions prevent the compilation of the OV-chip applets and the graphical demonstrator. The algorithms that are implemented in these method bodies are extensively described in "Performance issues ..." paper (see above) and in Brands book Rethinking Public Key Infrastructures and Digital Certificates: Building in Privacy. It should therefore not be too hard to rewrite the missing methods.

The test applet (which produced most of the performance measurements on the OV-chip progress page, and a test frame for our Bignat library for big integers on Java Card are not affected by patent issues. They can always be build and run.

Download Realease tarball

current version: ov-chip-2-2010-09-20.tar.gz

If you really want to compile everything you can apply this patch. The patch will give you syntactically correct Java code, but the missing method bodies will still be missing. Therefore some of the applets and programs won't run correctly.

For Windows users a zip file containing generated and preprocessed sources is provided as ov-chip-2-2010-09-20.zip, see file README.WINDOWS.

Documentation of the OV-chip sources

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