Security, exercise course, Fall 2008

Information about the lectures can be found on a different page.

Assignment 1: Security goals

The link Authentication vs. Authorization and the text Identification and Authentication may help you to work on the task 3.

Assignment 2: Introducing cryptography and repeating security goals

The link ASCII table on wiki may help you to work on the task D.

Assignment 3: Introducing hash functions and Vigenere ciphers

The link Vigenere cipher on wiki may help you to work on the task C.

Assignment 4: Analysing simple cryptographic protocols and repeating monoalphabetic ciphers

Assignment 5: Public key cryptography

Assignment 6: Simple authentication protocols

Assignment 7: Key exchange protocols

Assignment 8: Bell-Lapadula model, CA, MAC

Assignment 9: Practicing with PGP

Assignment 10: Learning Java Cryptography Architecture

Assignment 11: Block Cipher Modes. Traffic Pricing.

Assignment 12: Elementary number theory.