Security, lectures, Fall 2015

General information on this course can be found in the studiegids.

Information about the exercises can be found on a different page.

The first lecture will be on Tuesday Sept. 1, 8:45, in LIN1. The exercise courses start one week later, on Sept. 11, at 15:45, in LIN4 and LIN5.

Don't forget to register officially for this course, in Osiris; blackboard will only be used for emails announcements and marks.

Slides are being produced as the course proceeds:
Lectures Topic File
1-2Introduction pdf
3-5Symmetric crypto pdf
6-7Hashes pdf
9-11Asymmetric crypto pdf
12-15Applications pdf

The exam will be on Tuesday morning 21 jan. starting at 8:30 in LIN 2 and LIN 5, and for people needing extra time in HG00.062. More information will be distributed by email.